Amsterdam Restaurants


Amsterdam has many good restaurants. During our 5 night stay, we checked out many of them thanks to the recommendations of our concierge at the W Hotel. But as restaurants may come and go, we suggest that you check with your hotel concierge for the places that best suit your tastes. Restaurant Daalder Restaurant Daalder [Read more …]

Amsterdam Museums

Amsterdam Rijks Museum

Amsterdam has literally hundreds of museums. We had time to visit only five. You can find another perspective of Amsterdam museums on some previous blogs written by a guest contributor who spent a month in Amsterdam. Rijks Museum The Rijks Museum is Amsterdam and The Netherlands’s most important museum. It has a huge collection that [Read more …]

Exploring Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a lot f of interesting areas to explore. Here are some of them. Amsterdam’s Old Town Amsterdam’s old town is the city’s most historic and one of the most interesting sections. It contains the city’s oldest existing building (Old Church), one of the city’s “hidden churches” and a number of less gentile sites, [Read more …]

Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District designer condoms for fun

Prostitution is alive throughout the world. In the past, women had few opportunities to earn money. Port cities, where ships docked after being at sea for two or three years, drew women who were willing to trade their bodies for money. Today, many large port cities still have large prostitution populations. Although the world’s oldest [Read more …]

Amsterdam Dam Square Area

Amsterdam National Monument

Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. It restored much of its city’s historic district after the war and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can explore the city in many ways including cars/taxis, public transportation, bikes, or the old fashion way….walking. There is so much to see in the city. This blog talks [Read more …]

Amsterdam History

Amsterdam - moored boats

Amsterdam is Netherlands’ capital. It is also a favorite tourist destination with its iconic canals. While there are many beautiful sights and things to do, it is helpful to understand Amsterdam’s history. If you don’t like history, skip directly to our other Amsterdam blogs. Amsterdam’s Start Amsterdam began as a small fishing village in the [Read more …]

Delft Netherlands

Delft canal

Delft Explosion It was a typical peaceful October day in a typical Middle Age town. The weavers, the blacksmiths, the merchants, and the brewers were all going about their business inside the Delft city walls. The farmers were tending their crops and their cattle outside. Then came the explosion. An accidental spark set off a [Read more …]

The Hague

The Hague Hei Plein Square

The Hague is The Netherlands’ less than a fascinating city, at least for us. We visited The Netherland’s third-largest city and national capital primarily for one art museum—the Mauritius—and its proximity to two cities for a day trip, Delft and Rotterdam. Still, we explored some of its highlights on a raining afternoon and had some [Read more …]

Amsterdam Travel Tips

Dam Good Coffee

This is part of a series of posts on Amsterdam written by guest contributor, David Gavenda, who spent a month living there. After spending a month exploring Amsterdam, I walked away with a number of tips for anyone who wants to visit this wonderful city. OV-Fiets (Bicycle Rentals) Bicycles are by far the best way [Read more …]

Amsterdam Day Trip to Haarlem


This is part of a series of posts on Amsterdam written by guest contributor, David Gavenda. Haarlem is a very interesting, very easy day trip from Amsterdam. Founded in 1245, Haarlem has a population of 156,000. It is a short 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam, with trains running between the cities every 15 minutes, up [Read more …]