Three Cities Malta

Fort St. Angelo,

Three Cities Malta Right outsider of Valletta Malta’ city walls are the “Three Cities”, only a short ferry ride across the harbor (or you can take a longer bus ride too. Our second venture outside of Velletta’s city walls came with a short ferry ride across the harbor to “The Three Cities”. These ancient, walled [Read more …]

Mdina and Rabat Malta

Mdina gate

Beyond Valletta Malta While in Malta, we spent most of our time in Valletta. However, we did venture out of the city for day excursions to a few of Malta’s even more historic cities. Mdina Mdina, an ancient walled city in central Malta, served as the country’s capital essentially from its ancient Phoenician founding in [Read more …]

Valletta Restarants and Hotel

meat restaurant -3

Malta Valletta Restaurants While we were staying in Valletta Malta, our hotel made some very good recommendations for eating. And we also discovered a few on our own. Sciassa Grill is an excellent spot for meat. You are welcomed to the restaurant with a personalized discussion of the blackboard that lists daily appetizer options. Then [Read more …]

Malta Sites


Our last Malta blog provided a number of partial mentions of the role the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem played in the history of Malta. The War Museum, as mentioned above, provided as partial explanation of this role. Visits to The Knights Hospitallers Museum and, to a lesser extent, the Grand Master’s Palace and [Read more …]

Malta: A Long (very long) History


Malta If you are not a history buff, you may want to skip this blog as it outlines Malta’s very long history. But if you are game, read on. Malta is a tiny archipelago of a country (122 square miles, 450,000 citizens) with a long, huge and extraordinarily eventful history. Sitting in the middle of [Read more …]