Eating in Rome Italy

Ai Marmi pizzas lined up

It is very hard to not find a good place to eat in Rome Italy. During our 6 days in Rome, we had an opportunity to try many places. Fortunately, our friends, who have been to Rome many times, had plenty of recommendations. We were also fore-warned that many places close from 3 PM – [Read more …]

The Vatican

Sistene Chapel 01

What can one say about the Vatican? The massive scale of St. Peter’s Square, the awe you experience in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the beauty of the Raphael Rooms, the treasures of the multiple Vatican Museums, the majesty of Bernini’s St. Peter’s Cathedral and Michelangelo’s dome and the way his Pieta bring tears to your eyes. [Read more …]

Rome Italy Neighborhoods


We love meandering through neighborhoods when we travel. And Rome is a perfect place to explore. After all, Rome is more than the coliseum. Piazza Navona Area This large, lovely, and lively piazza is home to three large, flamboyant Baroque fountains; especially Bernini’s magnificent Fontana dei Quattro Fiurni. One of the city’s primary social centers, [Read more …]

Rome Italy's Palazzi Nuovo and dei Conservatori Museum

Old Drunken Woman

Rome Italy has several museum set atop Capitoline Hill. Palazzo Nouvo Palazzo Nouvo provides highlights of some of the Empire’s most spectacular sculptures. While most are representations of emperors (as in the Hall of Emperors), Greek and Roman philosophers (as in the Hall of Philosophers), gods and soldiers, a number also represent average and, in [Read more …]

Ancient Rome Italy

Palazzo venezia

When one thinks of Rome, the movie “Roman Holiday” may come to mind. Or maybe it is Ben Hur or just images of the Colosseum. Whatever image pops up, it is only one dimension of Rome. As it has been years since we last visited Rome (in 2007 to be exact), we decided to make [Read more …]