Sentiero degli Dei, or Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods map

One of the most famous hikes in the Amalfi area is Path of the Gods. This nine-kilometer hike high above the coastal towns (“halfway between the sea and the sky”) was our primary reason for returning to, and the highlight of our Amalfi coast trip. After a couple days of rain, we were incredibly lucky [Read more …]

Amalfi Coast: Ravello


Unlike Positano, Priano and Amalfi, Ravello is high up. Founded in the fifth century, Ravello grew wealthy on the basis of its wool processing industry and its Mediterranean trading capabilities. While its fortunes, like those of many of its neighboring towns, foundered around the 13th century, its beautiful setting overlooking the coast and its once-grand [Read more …]

Amalfi Coast: Amalfi and Priano


Priano Right near Positano along the Amalfi Coast, is Priano. Our plan was to leave that morning for a hike along the Path of the Gods. Given the rain we received overnight and into the morning, and the forecast for more of the same, we decided to postpone the hike for a day and to [Read more …]

Amalfi Coast

JOyce and Tom on our private balcony 02

Our plans were to leave from Capri via a 30-minute high-speed ferry to go to Positano. This would be our home base to take in the full grandeur of the incredible Amalfi coast, then to see it again by land via a combination of bus, taxi and especially on foot on a part of Sentiero [Read more …]

Capri Italy

white grotto_small

Return to Capri We were last in Capri Italy in 2007. As it was a long time ago, we were due to go back. We took an early morning hydrofoil from Naples and took the funicular to Capri Town, walked to and checked into our hotel so that we could explore the areas unencumbered with [Read more …]