Santorini Wineries

Boutari Winery vines

Santorini has been producing wine at least since its Minoan days, more than 3,500 years ago. Its sandy, mineral-rich (but potassium-poor) volcanic soils, lack of organic material, intense sun, high heat, strong northerly winds and lack of water (with moisture during growing season coming almost exclusively from the night air) stresses its old wines (most [Read more …]

Santorini Greece


While we wanted to visit as much of Greece as we could in the time we had there, Santorini was the place we most anticipated. Why? As the first of three islands we are visited in the Cylcades Islands, it has:. Crescent-shaped, volcanic island whose cataclysmic 1450 B.C. eruption—estimated as the second or third largest [Read more …]