Peloponnese Wineries

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Since we were in Greece, we had to visit some of the country’s premier wineries on The Peloponnese Peninsula. Although we tasted wines from a number of wines from Peloponnese wineries at restaurants, we had actual tastings at three wineries: Palivos Winery Our vineyard tour began with a very useful history of the Greek wine [Read more …]

Lousios Gorge

first you have to get by the goats

Lousios Gorge For something totally different, we then drove to one of the most scenic places in the Peloponnese’s mountainous, central highlands, Lousios Gorge. The gorge, about 3 miles long and almost 1,000 feet deep, is reached after a tortuous drive on one, or if you’re lucky, one-and-a-half lane mountain roads that have far more [Read more …]

Gythelo Greece

gytheio church

Gythelo Greece This town, in the edge of the southwestern edge of the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece, is the gateway to the Mani Peninsula. Although it offers few sights, in and of itself, it is a lovely town, with well-maintained, subdued white and pastel buildings lining the harbor and streets that climb gently uphill. Everything [Read more …]

Nafplio Greece

Sidagmatos Square 01

Nafplio Greece Nafplio is the first of the Peloponnese cities that we visited to explore the city itself, rather than a city that just happened to be near an ancient ruins. Although it is a relatively small city, it is loaded with charm. The city’s history effectively dates back to the 13th century, when its [Read more …]

Mystras Greece


Mystras Greece Mystras is a former town on the Pelloponese Peninsula in Greece. Founded in 1249 by the Franks (a collection of Germanic tribes), the mountain town of Mystras became a Byzantine province in 1262. Between then and 1460, when it was surrendered to the Ottoman Turks, it became a major, prosperous academic and [Read more …]



Sparta Greece While on the Peloponnese peninsula, we made a fast stop at Sparta Greece, just to say we were there. Why not? Although little is left of the strangely, unfortified home to one of ancient Greece’s most militant and powerful city-states. Although the tangible remains of the legendary civilization are limited, Sparta’s reputation is [Read more …]

Mycenae Greece

Tholos Tomb of Aegisthus 02

Mycenae, on the Peloponnese Peninsula is the type of place of which legends are made. In fact, many legends, hatched from the gruesome facts of Greek history, were made here; creating the plots for many ageless Greek tragedies. Think back to some of your college reading. Remember names like Perseus, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Orestes, Elektra, Paris, [Read more …]

Corinth on the Peloponnese Peninsula

Corinth Canal 01

The Peloponnese Peninsula The Peloponnesian Peninsula is only an hour drive from Athens, but a world apart. Home to some of the most advanced civilizations and some of richest and most powerful city-states in the Mediterranean, it is rich in history. It is also rich in natural scenery and, not incidentally for our visit, the [Read more …]