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Rethymno Crete Rethymno on the Greek island of Crete is a 16th-century, Venetian Old Town. It has few must-see sights: Rethymno Fort The Rethyemno Fort was designed to protect the city from relentless pirate attacks and also serve as a deterrent again the Turks, who still ended up capturing the city in 1646. It contains [Read more …]

Crete Greece

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Just another Greek island with a more than 10,000-year history? Not quite. Crete is Greeceā€™s largest island. It was founded a millennium before Christ and was home to the Minoans, one of the most advanced, sophisticated and artistically accomplished of any society of its era (about 3,500 to 4,000 years ago). It was a primary [Read more …]