Corinth on the Peloponnese Peninsula

Corinth Canal 01

The Peloponnese Peninsula The Peloponnesian Peninsula is only an hour drive from Athens, but a world apart. Home to some of the most advanced civilizations and some of richest and most powerful city-states in the Mediterranean, it is rich in history. It is also rich in natural scenery and, not incidentally for our visit, the [Read more …]

Attica Wineries

The southern suburbs of Athens has a small wine region called Attica. While we were in Athens, of course we had to visit it. Few grapes do well in this hot and dry area. In fact, overt 90 percent of production is of the white, savatiano grape. This low-acid grape is predominately used to make [Read more …]

Delphi Greece

Roman Agora 02

While in Athens Greece, we decided to take a day trip to visit the site of the Oracles that were instrumental in helping the ancient Greeks (in fact, those from all Hellenistic kingdoms) in making decisions on everything from whether to marry or buy a home or, for rulers, decisions on whether to make war [Read more …]

Athens Greece

Athens - Hadrian

Viewing Additional Athens Sights Although we got high level views of a number of the city’s other historical sights during our own walks, we also took an evening Free Tour to fill in the blanks. Many cities have these tours. They are free and you pay what you want based upon the guide. We lucked [Read more …]

Athens Neighborhoods

Acropolis at night 05

Athen’s history is not confined to its famous sights. Athens neighborhoods, at least those in which we spent much of our time, have their own historic monuments, in addition to their unique vibes, cultures and restaurants. Plaka Plaka, in the center of the city, is the oldest and longest continually inhabited neighborhood in the city. [Read more …]

Athens Greece: Archaeological Sites

Cycladic Art 11

Almost everywhere in Athens you look, you can find remnants of former civilizations in Athens. This blog discusses some of the more interesting museums and archaeological sites that we found. National Archaeological Museum The National Archaeological Museum is an incredible collection that begins with Neolithic vases and figures and proceed through Hellenistic sculptures, covering all [Read more …]

Athens Greece: The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum -Everyday Lfie 02

Tom has been fascinated by ancient Athens since his Western Civilization and his second and third philosophy Courses (on works by Plato and Aristotle, respectively). Although it was one of the first European destination we had visited (would you believe 1979?), we have not been back since. We finally returned, after a lapse of a [Read more …]