Rafina Greece

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Ferrying in Greece While we flew to Crete, we took ferries to, through and then from the Cyclades back to mainland Greece. While the ferry from Heraklion Crete to Santorini was rather nondescript and uneventful, the fast ferry from Santorini to Mykonos had something of a mini-museum of the type of Greek pottery and [Read more …]

Delos Greece

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Delos is a small island near Mykonos that is currently uninhabited, other than a caretaker who lives there to prevent vandalism. But if only its walls could talk. Delos History According to legend, it was the birthplace of Apollo, King of the Gods. In reality, it was founded by the Ionians about 2500 B.C. and [Read more …]

Outside of Mykonos Town Greece

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Mykonos Island is more than Mykonos Town. The South Shore is home to most of the island’s best and most popular beaches—beach after beach. While most cater to mixed crowds, many seem to be attractive to different clientele. There are, for example, family beaches (including Platys Gialos), some in which watersports are popular (such as [Read more …]

Mykonos Greece

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While the Santorini Island in Greece is known primarily for its atmosphere, its scenery and its wines, Mykonos is known primarily for its beaches and its nightlife. It attracts sun-worshipers and parties of all stripes and means, and more than its fair share of wealthy jetsetters and “yacht-setters” who order the crews to cruise their [Read more …]

Santorini Wineries

Boutari Winery vines

Santorini has been producing wine at least since its Minoan days, more than 3,500 years ago. Its sandy, mineral-rich (but potassium-poor) volcanic soils, lack of organic material, intense sun, high heat, strong northerly winds and lack of water (with moisture during growing season coming almost exclusively from the night air) stresses its old wines (most [Read more …]

Santorini Greece


While we wanted to visit as much of Greece as we could in the time we had there, Santorini was the place we most anticipated. Why? As the first of three islands we are visited in the Cylcades Islands, it has:. Crescent-shaped, volcanic island whose cataclysmic 1450 B.C. eruption—estimated as the second or third largest [Read more …]

Crete Wineries


Wherever we are in the world, we make it our mission to learn as much as we can about the wines in the area and to visit wineries when possible. Crete Greece was no exception. Although we had local wines with many of our dinners, we limited our formal Cretan wine tastings to three wineries [Read more …]

Roads Less Traveled in Crete

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The Long Road Back to Heraklion As we ended our time in Crete Italy, we had to drive from Chania back to Heraklion to catch a ferry to our next island, Santorini. With a day to make the journey, we took some of the roads less travelled, off the highway into some small towns [Read more …]

Chania Crete

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Chania Crete Greece Chania Crete is a 16th/17th -century town in Greece. It was born as a Minoan settlement but now consists of a mix of 17th-century Venetian and 18th/19th-century Neoclassical and Turkish buildings. Although it, like Rethymno, has few especially noteworthy structures, it has a few lovely neighborhoods that are worth just wandering. The [Read more …]

Rethymno Crete Italy

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Rethymno Crete Rethymno on the Greek island of Crete is a 16th-century, Venetian Old Town. It has few must-see sights: Rethymno Fort The Rethyemno Fort was designed to protect the city from relentless pirate attacks and also serve as a deterrent again the Turks, who still ended up capturing the city in 1646. It contains [Read more …]