Savoring the Foods, Wine and Liqueurs of the Mosel Valley

Our time in the Mosel Valley was relatively short, three nights and two days of exploration, before departing on a cruise which spend another half-day on the river, before entering the Rhine. The short time, however, was devoted primarily to our mission of exploring as many of the local restaurants, wines, and as [Read more …]

Cruising the Mosel River Valley: Day trips from Cochem

Cochem-from river

Cochem was our base for exploring the Mosel Valley—and a great base it was. As explained in our blog on Cochem, it is a fairy tale town with pastel-painted and half-timber homes, winding streets and alleyways next to a meandering river with vineyards planted at unimaginable angles. And, of course, it is all overlooked by [Read more …]