Porvoo Finland

cathedral 01

We took another day trip from Helsinki to Porvoo Finland. Initially settled in the 13th century, Porvoo rapidly developed as a port and was designated a city in 1380, the second settlement (after Turku) to be granted this status. By the 16th century, it was drawing the wrong type of attention, being sacked and burned [Read more …]

Exploring Turku Finland

Rettig Palace

From Helsinki, we did a day trip to explore Turku Finland–the oldest city in Finland. It can trace its roots of the Medieval section—and the original sections of the cathedral and castle—back to 1300. But, as happens in primarily wood-based cities, Turku has had several fires. The latest, in 1827, destroyed most of the earlier [Read more …]

Helsinki Restaurants and Hotel


Helsinki Restaurants As always, we made it our mission to find the best of Helsinki restaurants. And we found some good ones! Juuri This contemporary modern tapas restaurant offered a wide selection of small plates and three mains. The meal began with an amuse bouche of arctic char terrine with tapioca pearls and citrus cream. [Read more …]

Helsinki: City of Design


Helsinki, which is known for cutting-edge, world-class design, was the proud winner of the 2012, bi-annual World Design Capital award that is based on excellence in architecture, fashion, graphic arts, fine arts, industrial design and city planning. This was atop its 2000 honor of being named the Euro Capital of Culture. Given this, we came [Read more …]

Helsinki’s Architectural Heritage Neighborhoods


Helsinki went through a tremendous spurt of growth and prosperity from the late 19th through the early 20th century. While Helsinki’s architecture of many of the major older buildings were of neo-Classical or neo-Renaissance styles, the rapid growth coincided with Finland’s cultural opening to Western Europe and an artistic and architectural revolution that sought to [Read more …]

Exploring Helsinki Finland

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Helsinki Finland This cosmopolitan city has grown from small fishing village to one of the most eclectic and modern of 21st-century cities. Independent only since 1917, it has emerged from more than 600 years of foreign domination (Sweden and Russia) to forge its own very unique identity. While it is amazing that a country that [Read more …]