Tallinn Estonia Restaurants and Hotel

Tallinn Restaurants Kaks Kukka, where we shared four very good dishes: Slightly salted elk with mushrooms, smoked egg yolk, horseradish sauce and trout row; toasted quail with spring carrots, cabbage and carrot sauce; poached halibut with snap peas and béarnaise sauce and juniper crème brulee with gin and tonic gel, vodka-soaked berries and lemon merengue. [Read more …]

Tallinn Museums

great guild hall 01

Tallin Estonia Museums are interesting places to visit. We visited four of them. Estonian History Museum The Estonian History Museum provides an overview of the country’s history and culture. The museum is located in the Great Guild building and includes information on the league of merchants that built the building and played such an important [Read more …]

Tallinn Estonia

Toopea Tallin Estonia

Although first populated more than 10,000 years ago, Tallinn Estonia was initially settled by local craftsmen and merchants in the 11th century and was officially conquered by and designated as a city by Denmark in the 12th century. An influx of German merchants helped to establish Tallinn as a major trading power and leading and [Read more …]