The Copenhagen Vibe—The Hygge Way

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Hygge? We kept hearing people refer to life in Copenhagen as Hygge. The word, pronounced as “hue-gah” is one of those words that can’t be directly translated into English, or pretty much any other language (although some other Scandinavian countries have words that are somewhat similar. Generally translated as “cozy” or “comfortable”, it [Read more …]

Copenhagen Hotel

Absalon Copenhagen Hotel Our Copenhagen hotel was a 5 minute walk by the train station and Tivoli—which made it very convenient for getting around Copenhagen and for taking day trips outside of the city. It seems to be in an area that might be called a red light district, but it did not feel seedy [Read more …]

Eating in Copenhagen Denmark


Copenhagen as Gastronomical Nirvana Eating in Copenhagen can be the crown prince, if not the king of world culinary destinations. Noma restaurant, with its ultra-star chef Rene Redzepi, is often number one, or at least within the top five rated restaurants in the world. And as if this weren’t enough, the city is packed with [Read more …]

Exploring Copenhagen Beyond the City Center

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Beyond Copenhagen’s City Center Copenhagen is a vibrant city. But one needs to explore the area beyond Copenhagen’s city center too. Among this area’s highlights are: Christianshavn (Christiantown), an island just south the Latin Quarter, has not suffered as many fires as its northern neighbor. It, therefore, has a larger number of older buildings and [Read more …]

Exploring Copenhagen Denmark

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Exploring Copenhagen’s Inner City From Sweden, we went on to explore Copenhagen Denmark. This city is the home of canals, the beloved statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, the legendary Tivoli Gardens amusement park and the iconic Nyhavn quays. This medieval city, like so many of its European counterparts, was destroyed in huge fires [Read more …]