Bonaire Restaurants and Hotel

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Bonaire Restaurants Although we only had five days (lunches) and four evenings (dinners) in Bonaire, we tried, as always, to make the most of our dining opportunities. And since we were on an island, the vast majority of our meals consisted of seafood. This, however, did limit our choices, since the only four [Read more …]

Snorkeling in Bonaire


Bonaire and its much smaller sister island, Klein Bonaire, have more than 100 dive and snorkeling sites in protected marine preserves. Combined, they provide access to 57 species of hard and soft coral and 350 species of fish, including 111 endangered species. We had a chance to sample about 10 of these sites–six [Read more …]

Bonaire: A Snorkeling Paradise

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We first visited the tiny island of Bonaire more than 15 years ago and found some of the best diving that we had done in the world. It became a place that we wanted to revisit, so we booked 5 days to re-explore the island and the seas.  Bonaire was discovered by Amerigo [Read more …]