Tibet: Palaces, Temples, Monasteries, Nunnery and, of course, Food and Hotel

Joyce and Tom in front of Potola Palace 02

No visit to Lhasa and Tibet is complete without visiting the palaces and religious places. Unfortunately, we  were not allowed to take photos inside most places. But the beauty of these places is etched on our brains forever. Potola Palace This huge palace, dating from 631, is thirteen stories, 90,000 square meters and [Read more …]

Lhasa Tibet in Three Days

old town 03

Three days is difficult to assess an entire country (OK, we still think of Tibet as a country versus part of China), but we concentrated our time around Lhasa, the largest cityl We spent our first afternoon and evening in the city on our own, exploring the ancient, bustling center of the Barkhor (old [Read more …]

Tibet….A World Unlike China Even Though It Is In China

Tibet is a land that sounds so remote, extreme and exotic. Although it is part of China, one would never know it.  Unquestionably, it is… Huge, with more than 463 square miles, tucked between China, India and Nepal; Has amazingly high altitudes, lying at the crest of [Read more …]