Chiang Mai Restaurants, Entertainment and Hotel

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Since we had a week in Chiang Mai, we had a chance to explore many restaurants and entertainment venues. First the food Rachamankha. Our first night we ate at our hotel restaurant where we shared two dishes. While the atmosphere in a outside courtyard was lovely, the food was only OK. [Read more …]

Learning to Cook Thai Food


One of the fun things to do when visiting a country is to learn how to cook their food. Since we love Thai food, we were looking forward to taking a Thai cooking class. Chiang Mai Thailand was a perfect place to do so. After some research, we decided to take a class with Basil [Read more …]

Getting Outside of Chiang Mai Thailand

Joyce sleep with tiger

While Chiang Mai is a beautiful and interesting little town, we also had time to venture outside of the old town area to visit some interesting sites just outside of the main part of the town. Tiger Kingdom, where visitors can see tigers of all ages and touch and take pictures of yourself with [Read more …]

Exploring Chiang Mai Thailand

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Although a visit to any new city certainly entails a tour of the sights, our primary objective is walking cities to get a feel for the town’s vibe. Chiang Mai’s Old City region is small and can easily be covered by walking in a day or day and a half. Two days if you stretch [Read more …]