Eating our Way Through Bangkok Neighborhoods

shark fins

Bangkok is a vibrant city that is filled with lots of interesting foods. Wherever we are, we like to try lots of local foods. Tom is more adventurous than Joyce, although she tries more things than  she used to do—even if she still bulks at chilies. After all, life is too short to have a [Read more …]

Exploring Bangkok on Our Own


Although we relied on guides to provide us with historical perspective and explain the nuances of important sights in Bangkok on this trip, we these were supplements to, rather than replacements of our preferred method of learning cities–exploring them on our own. So while we took more Bangkok tours that normal, we still struck out [Read more …]

Seeing Bangkok Area By Bike: Floating Market and Coconut Farms

the real locals market

We both love to walk in new cities. Although it can become challenging dodging bikes, motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses etc. all come at us from all directions, it does give us a chance to see things better than if we were in a car or bus ourselves. The problem is that we can only cover [Read more …]

Bangkok at First Glance

flower market 04

Bangkok, Thailand is packed with incredible historic and religious sights. The city and the surrounding area (especially the ancient royal city of Ayutthaya) has a long and complex history. Plus its food culture is as rich as its history and its art. Although we had visited this area many years ago, we felt [Read more …]