Visiting the Taipei Treasures of Emperors in San Francisco

Pork Belly

San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum for the Emperor’s Treasures exhibit was in town so we had to go explore it. This is a collection of masterpieces that were commissioned, owned by, and in some cases, even created by Chinese emperors and the royal families from the Song through the Qinq Dynasties. These treasures, which are [Read more …]

Taipei Restaurants and Hotel


Restaurants Taipei presented eating challenges to us as English was not as commonly understood as in other cities. And it didn’t help that many of the maps we were given did not include English names. Still, we persevered by getting recommendations from our hotel for restaurants, as well as counting how many streets [Read more …]

Taipei Taiwan


Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a new city with an ancient history. Although occupied by farmers as early as 1709, the area, due to its riverside location, slowly evolved into trading town. In 1875 it became the center of a new Chinese prefecture. Growth accelerated after 1895 when the Japanese temporarily took control of [Read more …]