Singapore Restaurants and Hotel

Boat Queue

Although the food in Singapore was more expensive than in most of eastern Asia, we took it upon ourselves to seek out really good food that was still affordable. We could only imagine how expensive Singapore was for people who came from countries where food and hotels were quite inexpensive. Coming from the US, we [Read more …]

Exploring Singapore Neighborhoods


We love to explore the various neighborhoods of any city that we go to. Singapore was no exception. Its has many different neighborhoods each with totally different characteristics. At a high level: Padang is the government district, filled with neoclassical buildings. Many are currently government markets,including City Hall, Parliament House and the Supreme Court. Some [Read more …]

Singapore—An Overview

Singapore Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world: 263 square miles, housing 5.4 million people. That said, it is growing every day. The country buys a continual flow of dirt from Indonesia(as evidenced by the long queue of ships waiting to unload their cargo) in a effort to reclaim more land from [Read more …]