Highlights of the South Pacific Islands: From Polynesia to Micronesia in Two Months


Two months is barely enough time to scratch the surface of traveling through a huge, spread-out and diverse region that consists of hundreds of inhabited islands, thousands of uninhabited islets and hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean. Transportation is challenging. Some destinations are served by only one or two flights per week and [Read more …]

Corregidor Island, Phillipines


At the end of our Manila trip to the Philippines, we took a day trip to Corregidor Island. This is the largest and most strategic island in Manila Harbor. As one of the four fortified harbor islands, it had the most formidable defenses, with 42 large coastal guns and mortars, 72 anti-aircraft guns, a large [Read more …]

Manila Philippines

fort santiago 01

Manila Manila, the largest city and capital of the Philippines has only a small percentage of the population (1.8 million) of the metro area of about 13 million. However, it seems to have about 20 million cars—all of which are out at the same time causing immense traffic jams. Manila is not a tourist mecca. [Read more …]