Georgetown Penang Malaysia. Another Charming UNESCO Site

clock tower

As our days in Malaysia drew to a close, our last stop was Georgetown. As our previous stop had been in our least favorite Malaysian city, Kuala Lumpur (KL), we had hoped that Georgetown would have us leaving the country on a high point. We were not disappointed. Georgetown was founded in 1786 by [Read more …]

Exploring Malacca–Malaysia’s Oldest City and an UNESCO City

8 Heeren Street inside

This historic city, established in 1403 by a Malay Hindu sultan, spent centuries as Southeast Asia’s most important trading port, due to its strategic location at the choke point of the Straits of Malacca and the the protection its port provided from the monsoon winds. The oldest, most historic section of town is [Read more …]

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. A Pedestrian Impossible City

colonial building 03

Kuala Lumpur, called KL by most,  is one of Asia’s great mixing pots: Malays, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Sihk and many more. You name it and it’s represented in KL, its culture and its cuisine. The city itself is a similar blend of the old and the new. And after a day in alcohol- and [Read more …]

Guling Mulu National Park, Malaysia

canopy walk 01

Guling Mulu National Park in Malaysia, commonly known as Mulu, is the jewel in the Malaysian national park system. It’s a tropical rainforest (receiving more than 15 feet of rain per year) with tall mountains, steep cliffs, dramatic, razor-sharp limestone pinnacles, a huge network of caves of all levels of difficulty, rivers to cruise, a [Read more …]

Bako National Park

fishermen 01

We were looking forward to our trip to our first Malaysian national park…Bako. To get there, we flew into Kuching Malaysia, and were picked up by a guide who took us to a hotel to drop off our suitcases. Then, with just backpacks containing things we would need for one night, he drove us 45 [Read more …]

Kuching Restaurants and Hotel

top step dining

Our Kuching Restaurant: TopSpot While in Kuching, we found some interesting and delicious food atop a parking garage. This isn’t anything new to us as we ate at, and thoroughly enjoyed Miami Beach’s Juvia last year. In fact, Tom and two friends once lived in a New Orleans parking gargle for a few days, [Read more …]

Exploring Borneo: Serawak Style

temple 04

We were spending almost 2 weeks in Malaysia on our trip. We started out in Sarawak which is one of the states of Malaysia and is the largest of the Malaysian states located on the island of Borneo–an island that the country shares with Indonesia and Brunei. Although Serawac, along with Saba, voluntarily chose to [Read more …]