In Search of the Komodo Dragon


We have long read and seen photos of the huge, fierce Komodo Dragons, the largest lizards that are capable of devouring pigs, or should the opportunity arise, young children (fact or fiction? who knows?). We had our first glimpse of the famous lizards, and a huge range of of the indigenous reptiles and birds, at [Read more …]

The Beaches of Bali

Sunar Beach 01

An Afternoon on Sanur Beach Since we were going to be on Bali anyways, we thought we should at least explore the beaches, the clubs and to pay our respects at the site of the 2002 terrorist bombing at a hotel on Kuta Beach that claimed more than 200 lives. Our time, however, was very [Read more …]

Bali’s Beautiful Countryside

floating temple-001

No trip to Ubud in Bali (Indonesia) is complete without seeing some of the countryside and the seaside. With our tour guide and driver (after seeing how they drive, Joyce was very thankful she was not trying to drive and Tom was very thankful he didn’t have to navigate the multiple roads), we set off [Read more …]

Bali: Beyond the Beaches

traditional art

Indonesia When we started researching going to Indonesia, many people advised us to skip Jakarta, so we started out on the island of Bali. For this portion of our trip, we enlisted the help of a wonderfully helpful agent, Diane Embree of Michael’s Travel. Our primary base for exploring the island was the village of [Read more …]