Full-Day Private Custom Tour: Another Viator Disappointment 0 for 3

We had been on one Viator tour before this trip: a walking tour of D.C. that focused on Abraham Lincoln. Although the guide knew his material forward and back and the tour was generally interesting, the guide was unable to self-edit. The tour lasted twice as long as it was billed and by the end, [Read more …]

Shanghai Food

We can’t stay in a large city without a little more detail on the food we had and the restaurants. Xian Qiang Fang Restaurant After tearing ourselves away from our perch over the Bund, we joined the crush of humanity along the Ginza-like Nanjing Street to our first night’s restaurant. The restaurant, recommended [Read more …]


 Hauhai Road 02

A Brief History of New Shanghai Shanghai is an entirely different experience than Beijing. Although it has a relatively similar, or actually somewhat larger population, it has a very different feel. Also, a very different history. As our Bike Beijing guide explained, if you want to experience 4,000 years, of Chinese history, go to Xi’an [Read more …]