The Wats of Siem Reap

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Siem Reap is a pretty town that attracts a wide range of international tourists and ex-pats. This gives it a cosmopolitan feel and allows it to support a broad range of international restaurants (although we are very happy with French-influenced Cambodian food), bars and galleries. Although the city is known primarily for the [Read more …]

Phnom Penh Hotel and Restaurants

Phnom Penh Restaurants We had time in Phnom Penh Vietnam for only three meals. Luckily, with guidance from our hotel and second-day guide, we were able to make the best of them: Sugar Palm, where we had a delicious lunch of stir-fried prawns and calamari with basil and stir-fried frog legs with ginger sauce: both [Read more …]

The Killing Fields of Phnom Penh


Many museums in many countries chronicle  the horrors inflicted by others in war.  Visiting Auschwitz and Krakow were especially chilling, as were many of the other locations where the Nazi’s tortured people. Phnom Penh was equally chilling.  We couldn’t visit Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, without trying to gain a better understanding of what [Read more …]

Phnom Penh


  On our last trip to Cambodia, we didn’t make it to Phnom Penh. This time, we decided to experience it. This 3 million-person city has had one of the most turbulent histories of any major city on earth. Located at the intersection of two large rivers, it has long been a commercial center. [Read more …]