Antarctica Expedition Day 7 - 10


We have seen so many penguins, whales, seals and birds. Also beautiful landscapes and seascapes. And let’s not forget the incredible ice….both on land and in the sea. (See our previous blogs on Antarctica and days 1-4, and days 5-6.) Can our last few days on our Antarctica Expedition beat what we’ve seen so far? [Read more …]

Antarctica Expedition Day 5-6


Our trip to Antarctica continues. So far we have gotten close to penguins, birds and seals as well as an old whaling station on our Antarctica expedition with Polar Latitudes. What adventures would the next days bring? A lot! Day Five. Our first stop on this day was on Danko island where we once again [Read more …]

Antarctica Expedition Days 1-4

boat bar

At last, we were on our way to Antarctica. We were both very excited and were looking forward to our adventure ever since we booked it a year in advance. Since we live in San Francisco, we no longer owned really warm clothing. So we had spent time over the past several months finding appropriate [Read more …]

Antarctica: Our 7th Continent

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful” (Alleged recruitment ad for Shackleton expedition)   The very thought of Antarctica chills one to the bone. Why would we ever want to visit this continent. Our response? Why not? And, with winter temperatures reaching -129 degrees, its [Read more …]