Casablanca Morocco


And then we were on to our last stop in Morocco: Casablanca. Although settled as early as the 7th century by Berber tribes, Casablanca began attracting international attention in the15th century when Portugal virtually destroyed the town for harbored privateers who were plaguing its ships. It began attracting more favorable attention in the 18th century [Read more …]

Marrakesh Morocco


Our next stop in Morocco was Marrakesh. Founded in 1062, the city quickly grew as a royal city, complete with a palace, a huge mosque and an underground water system. Its defeat by another tribe only served to enhance its elegance and position, as when the new rulers built new monuments such as a kasbah [Read more …]

Threading a Trail Between Morocco’s High and Mid Atlas Mountains


Today’s long, 5.5-hour drive with our driver/guide Moha, from Over Morocco, took us partway from Erg Chebbi to Marrakesh via a route that threads the country’s two greatest mountain ranges. It is also studded with many historic ksars and ksours and ventures into the edge of the High Atlas for a drive through the Toudra [Read more …]

Camel Riding and Sleeping in Morocco’s Desert

Joyce and Tom on camels 02

A Night at the Erg Chebbi Dunes While the drive through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains was beautiful, one of the highlights of our 4 day journey was to be the dramatic Erg Chebbi dunes. These extend about 20 miles from the stony, semi-desert beginnings to steep—up to 820 feet-high—dunes for as far as the eye can [Read more …]

Continuing Through the Atlas Mountains


As we continued on our journey through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh through the Atlas Mountains with our excellent driver/guide Moha, from Over Morocco, we set out the next morning on the remainder of the way to the Erg Chebbi dunes, driving through the sparsely vegetated rock desert of the Mid Atlas mountains, and up [Read more …]

Traveling From Fez Morocco to Marrakesh—The Long Way: Day One

Triumphal Arch

We planned to spend the majority of our time in Morocco exploring a number of the country’s cities: Tetouan, Tangier, Fez, Marrakesh and even a few hours in Casablanca. Although we did want to spend most of our time in cities, we also wanted to sample a few other parts of the country. We decided [Read more …]

Eating and Staying in Fez Morocco

Joyce and Tom cooking

Since we stayed in Fez Morocco for multiple nights, we had the opportunity to try out several restaurants. Riad Laaroussa, the riad in which we stayed, has its own restaurant atop the riad, from where you can get a lovely view of the Old City. It, like some of the city’s other riads, serves a [Read more …]

Exploring “New” Fez, Morocco


Fez el-Jehid: Fez’s “New” Royal City Fez el-Jehid, as mentioned above, is called “New Fez” despite its being nearly eight centuries old. Time, after all, is relative in a 12 century-old city. It came about when the Merinids Dynasty established Fez as the country’s imperial city in the 13th century. It created a new [Read more …]

Exploring Old Fez, Morocco


Fez Morocco was our next stop. Founded in 789, it is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities and the country’s historic and religious capital. Created by the fusion of two cities on either side of the river, it became the country’s de facto economic and imperial capital from the 12th through 16th centuries–the period when [Read more …]

Tangier Morocco


Morocco has an interesting transportation system. Petit taxis are for short trips within a town, and grand taxis take you in-between towns. We arranged a grand taxi to take us from Tetanou to Tangier. Tangier has been a major Mediterranean port and melting pot between European and African cultures for nearly three millennia—specifically since the [Read more …]