Chumbe Island: A Beautiful Eco Island


No one would ever accuse us of being beach people. Joyce tends to seek out shade when the sun is shining (too many years of sunburns and sunstroke in her earlier years before good sunscreen was standard) and both Tom and Joyce like to be continually moving versus sitting. Yet, tell us that we can [Read more …]

In Search of the Komodo Dragon


We have long read and seen photos of the huge, fierce Komodo Dragons, the largest lizards that are capable of devouring pigs, or should the opportunity arise, young children (fact or fiction? who knows?). We had our first glimpse of the famous lizards, and a huge range of of the indigenous reptiles and birds, at [Read more …]

A Day in Camden/Rockport/Rockland

Appledore at dock

We spend two nights and one full day in the lovely three-city area, taking in as many of the area’s attractions and restaurants as we could in the time we had available. Appledore Day Cruise We began our day in Camden by doing something we hadn’t done for more than 20 years–join a Windjammer sail [Read more …]

Monterey Peninsula Restaurants and Lodging: Circa 2013

PB Lodge -green, people

This year’s Monterey trip, as discussed in our previous blog, Monterey Peninsula Activities: Circa 2013, encompassed almost all our favorite activities: scenic drives, hikes and leisurely walks, wine tastings, kayaking and horseback rides. The only things we missed were our standard half-day trip to the aquarium, a round of golf (which we do not play) [Read more …]

Monterey Peninsula Activities: Circa 2013

Pt Lobos cove

The Monterey Peninsula, and south through Big Sur, is one of our favorite three/four-day trips. It has some of everything: incredible scenery, hiking, wineries, beautiful homes, the iconic 17 Mile Drive, very good restaurants, luxurious accommodations, kayaking, horseback riding, and as much world-class golf as anyone could wish. And don’t forget what may well be [Read more …]

A Three-Day Pilgrimage to the Mendocino Coast

Healdsburg Sq-g

Pictures will be posted in a couple days   Okay, "pilgrimage" may be an overstatement. But we do love the tiny, lovely town (all of which has been designated a National Historic Area). We also love the awesome coastline (although it is quite a challenging drive) and even the inland drive [Read more …]

The Beauty of Cinque Terra

CT-Rio from above distance

We had never been to Cinque Terra and felt that it would make a nice, easy complement to our Tuscan trip. While the drive that Google Maps estimated at two and a quarter hours stretched to about three, it was well worth it. The views began shortly after leaving the decidedly non-scenic coastal [Read more …]

Syracuse Revisited–with a Thousand Islands Treat

TI Island - g (2)

Since we were already in Boston, we decided to take a slight detour on the way back to San Francisco, stopping in Syracuse for our annual trip to our home town. (See our 2011 Syracuse blog for some of our favorite Syracuse activities and restaurants.) Creatures of Habit While our primary [Read more …]

The Primary Towns of Martha’s Vineyard

Vineyard Haven-Art Cliff Diner

Although we typically stay in Edgartown, this trip, we did something different: we stayed in Vineyard Haven’s 1720 House inn, which became our base of operations for this visit. Vineyard Haven Vineyard Haven is a cute town, with a scenic harbor. While Main Street is filled with interesting shops [Read more …]

Cancun and the Zona Hotelera

  Unlike in Playa del Carmen, where our stay at a resort hotel was almost by accident, in Cancun, we stayed at one on purpose. The huge resort, the Royal Sands, is located on a 20-kilometer stretch of coast just south of the city that is packed with more than 75 wall-to-wall resorts (not including [Read more …]