San Francisco’s Winter Fancy Food Show

Every January, San Francisco wakes up from its post-holiday sluggishness and hosts the Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show. This is an industry-only affair in which more than one thousand purveyors of packaged foods display more than 80,000 specialty foods and beverages. That’s right; more than 80,000; everything from chips and dips to olives [Read more …]

A Weekend of Sex, Bondage and Other Assorted Debauchery


Folsom Street Festival weekend is always an interesting time in San Francisco. This weekend, we doubled our sexual voyeuristic fun by coupling a visit to the festival with a tour of the San Francisco Armory, which is now the headquarters for San Francisco’s X-rated entertainment business. The Folsom Street Fair, for those who don’t know [Read more …]

Catching Up with San Francisco Museums – Summer 2014

One of the few downsides of regular travel is that it often forces you to miss or at least postpone taking advantage of things in your home city. And since so much is always happening in San Francisco, there is a lot to miss. Fortunately, our summer trips were outside of theater season, which meant [Read more …]

An Evening with the Kiwi America’s Cup Contenders–Complements of AIWF

Kiwi Boat 01

Living in San Francisco, we’re surrounded by everything America’s Cup. Every morning’s newspaper has the schedule of forthcoming activities and the latest controversy, America’s Cup Park is crammed with sailing attractions during the day and concerts in the evenings. The bay, meanwhile, is filled with AC45 and the giant AC72 ships practicing for their competitions. [Read more …]

San Francisco’s New and Improved Embarcadero

The Embarcadero, between the Ferry Building and Pier 39, used to be something of a wasteland occupied by underutilized Piers and a few long-standing restaurants, such as Waterfront and Butterfly. Now, with the opening of the Exploratorium and the America’s Cup Village, it has emerged, at least through September, as one of the [Read more …]

Just Another San Francisco Weekend: Wine, Cheese and Food, with Art, Flowers and History Thrown In

2013-03-21 12 12 00

We love San Francisco. There’s always something to do. In fact, there is often so much to do that you have to choose among a number of attractive options. The option: squeeze them all into a weekend. It’s a lot of work, but this weekend, we managed to do it: Friday We spend the morning [Read more …]

Anxiously Awaiting America’s Cup

boats-Alcatraz (2)

We enjoyed last summer’s exhibition races and we are anxiously awaiting this summer, when we will see two months of competition—both the Vuitton Cup qualifying races and the grand finale, the America’s Cup championship. Luckily, however, we don’t have to wait till August to get at least glimpses of the racing yachts. Every [Read more …]

An Impromptu Saturday Afternoon in North Beach

After 8 years, we still love this city. Although we have plenty of opportunities to plan days of exploring, sometimes, we just chill out. Serving Meals at Glide Memorial Church Yesterday was one of those days. We began the afternoon (1100 AM, to be precise) with by walking to [Read more …]

A History of San Francisco’s North Beach

On our last tour with Rick Evans, we learned so much about our own Russian Hill neighborhood in San Francisco, that we anxiously awaited his additional tours. Although we were out of town for his recent Architecture and Chinatown tours, we did join him for his recent North Beach history tour. We learned even more [Read more …]

The Presidio’s Walt Disney Family Museum

Although the Walt Disney Family Museum has been open in San Francisco for a couple years, we finally got to it. We are glad we did. You enter a lobby filled with hundreds of awards that the entertainment entrepreneur and his eponymous company accumulated over his life. Then you enter a sprawling exhibit, filled with [Read more …]