A Sparkling Vietnamese Treat: Lily Restaurant with Henriot Champagne

Lily Avocado, Dungeness crab and Kauai shrimp rolls with strawberry fish sauce

Lily is a not-yet opened Cal-Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco’s Richmond District. We hope that it will survive San Francisco’s restaurant shut-down and will open once the Coronavirus allows us to go out to restaurants again.If it does, it is definitely a place to go if the food is even 50% as good as the [Read more …]

Anderson Valley and Mendocino Wine and Food Update—May 2015

We were recently on the way from San Francisco to Mendocino and made a brief Anderson Valley winery stop, which was, in turn a two-day detour on the way to Eureka (see our next post on the Humboldt County Kinetic Sculpture Championships). Anderson Valley Highlights After a brief visit at Silver Oak’s Anderson Valley tasting [Read more …]

A Night to Remember at North Beach’s Sotto Mare

2015-05-11 20.24.59

The Northern California Chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food (or AWIF), hosted its inaugural New American Monday Dinner at North Beach’s Sotto Mare Oysteria and Seafood restaurant on May 11, 2015. The wonderful sold-out event was a good time had by all. What made the event so special? A combination of three [Read more …]

New York Walks and Walking Tour Update—April 2015

Otto-specials sign

Walking is, for us, the only way to get around New York: a convenient way of combining exercise, sightseeing and capturing the atmosphere of neighborhoods, all while avoiding the delays of traffic and the terror of a ride with a renegade cabbie. This trip’s walks included those from our mid-town hotel to and through Chinatown, [Read more …]

Catching Up with San Francisco Museums – Summer 2014

One of the few downsides of regular travel is that it often forces you to miss or at least postpone taking advantage of things in your home city. And since so much is always happening in San Francisco, there is a lot to miss. Fortunately, our summer trips were outside of theater season, which meant [Read more …]

The Best of Napa

We came, we tasted, we once again surrendered to the wines, the foods and the experiences of Napa Valley in California. We provided blow-by-blow (o at least winery-by-winery and restaurant-by-restaurant descriptions of many of our favorite tops from our two week stay in Napa. Following are our three favorites in each of four categories: Napa [Read more …]

Upper Valley Restaurants—St. Helena to Calistoga

This trip saw a return to two of our oft-visited area restaurants, CIA and Solbar, one big disappointment and discovery of Archetype, another new (at least for us) valley favorite. Archetype (St. Helena). What took us so long to discover this two-year old restaurant? We shared two dishes: peanut-crusted soft shell [Read more …]

Yountville and Rutherford Restaurants

Despite the incredible growth in Napa restaurants, Yountville remains  restaurant central for the Napa Valley. This being said, we did have to make one lunch stop at Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford.  Ciccio (Yountville). Another new hit in this restaurant-obsessed town. The four of us began by splitting a crispy [Read more …]

Napa (City) Restaurants

Since we were staying in the city of Napa, our restaurant visits, especially for dinners, were focused around the city and nearby Yountville. Among our best (and in one case, worst) dining experiences were: Boonfly Café. We had lunch at the always crowded, always delicious Boonfly Café (roasted chicken flatbread, cheeseburger with the fixings, and [Read more …]

Catching Up with San Francisco Restaurants

Between catching up from our four month Asia trip, weeklong trips to LA and New York, finishing my book (which is scheduled for September publication) and the winding down of Joyce’s consulting career, we missed all too much of what was going on in our adopted home town of San Francisco: restaurant openings, museum and [Read more …]