The Unreal Garden

A Virtual Stroll through San Francisco’s Unreal Garden What happens when technology and creativity cross paths? Lots of interesting things. And one right in San Francisco. The Unreal Garden is an immersive, 3D Augmented Reality extravaganza that brings art to life. At first glance, you only see a rather pallid-looking physical representation [Read more …]

Bouquets to Art 2015


Gardens aren’t the only place to see beautiful spring flowers. Now, during the DeYoung Museum’s 31st annual Bouquets to the Arts festival, some of the most beautiful blooms are indoors-complementing some of the museum’s most beautiful pieces of art. This year, more than 100 of the Bay Area’s most talented floral designers have [Read more …]

Alcatraz: Ai Wei Wei and More


Been to Alcatraz lately? It has been more than ten years since we visited and toured the island even through it is almost right outside of our back door and we see it daily from our windows. Although we certainly enjoyed our initial tour, we didn’t really feel a need to return. That was [Read more …]

Catching Up with San Francisco Museums – Summer 2014

One of the few downsides of regular travel is that it often forces you to miss or at least postpone taking advantage of things in your home city. And since so much is always happening in San Francisco, there is a lot to miss. Fortunately, our summer trips were outside of theater season, which meant [Read more …]

The Best of Napa

We came, we tasted, we once again surrendered to the wines, the foods and the experiences of Napa Valley in California. We provided blow-by-blow (o at least winery-by-winery and restaurant-by-restaurant descriptions of many of our favorite tops from our two week stay in Napa. Following are our three favorites in each of four categories: Napa [Read more …]

Napa Art and Music

Given all the focus on the valley’s incredible wineries and restaurants, one can be excused for not viewing it as a venue for seeing fine art. It is, however, more than worth searching out some of the valley’s often hidden artistic venues. Although we always try to visit a number of Yountville and St. Helena [Read more …]

Catching Up with San Francisco Museums and Galleries

Between catching up from our four month Asia trip, weeklong trips to LA and New York, finishing my book (which is scheduled for September publication) and the winding down of Joyce’s consulting career, we missed all too much of what was going on in our adopted home town of San Francisco: restaurant openings, museum and [Read more …]

In the Moment Exhibit at the Asian Art Museum

Asian-Ellison boy-g

Larry Ellison’s Japanese Art Collection Larry Ellison (of Oracle and America’s Cup fame) is one of the nation’s biggest collectors of Japanese art. He lent some of the masterpieces of his collection to San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum for a special exhibit that portrays a broad range of religious and secular art in all [Read more …]

Just Another San Francisco Weekend: Wine, Cheese and Food, with Art, Flowers and History Thrown In

2013-03-21 12 12 00

We love San Francisco. There’s always something to do. In fact, there is often so much to do that you have to choose among a number of attractive options. The option: squeeze them all into a weekend. It’s a lot of work, but this weekend, we managed to do it: Friday We spend the morning [Read more …]

Abbreviating our Annual Labor Day Bay Area Ritual


In July, I wrote about the two big San Francisco events that always makes for a fun holiday—the July 4th festivities and fireworks and the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival. Both draw thousands of people to the city and provide a good time for all. These events, however, draw people out of town, over the Golden [Read more …]