A Passion for Art, Learning and Culture

Our passion for art, learning and culture all began after finishing graduate school when we moved to Chicago for our first jobs. Tom, in particular, found himself at endless lunch-hour lectures at the incredible Art Institute of Chicago and art appreciation classes at local universities. While neither of us has an artistic bone in our [Read more …]

A Passion for Food and Wine

We love food. We love wine. But while we certainly enjoy the aromas, tastes and textures of both, we get even more enjoyment from the experiences surrounding food and wine. Sure, we love to find and be among the first to try hot new restaurants wherever we travel. And we certainly enjoy the occasional splurge [Read more …]

A Passion for the San Francisco Bay Area

Tom and Joyce love exploring, finding interesting restaurants, touring wine regions, hiking and going to theater, museums and lectures wherever we travel. The San Francisco Bay Area is particularly blessed with opportunities in each of these—and many other—ways. SF has fascinating neighborhoods, some of the best and most interesting restaurants in the country, wonderfully diverse [Read more …]

A Passion for Travel

Tom and Joyce seem to have been born to travel. Although neither of us experienced much of it as children, we started from the moment we finished graduate school. We selected each of the four cities in which we have lived (Chicago, D.C., Boston and San Francisco) for lifestyle first and then sought out satisfying [Read more …]