Brown Bears Hunting Salmon at Brooks Falls Alaska

Bears catching salmon at top of Brooks Falls

It’s Fat Bear Week at Katmai National Park. The brown bears are matched against each other in a “march madness” style competition and online visitors can vote who is ultimately crowned the Fat Bear Week 2021 Champion. In honor of Fat Bear Week, we are reposting our July 2011 blog of when we spent hours [Read more …]

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance


Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has been said to be the world’s premier celebration of the automobile. Whether it is or not, is an opportunity for car enthusiasts to see (and buy if they have big bank accounts) antique cars as well as to see new car debuts at this multi-day event at Pebble Beach. It [Read more …]

An Alaskan Itinerary

Admiralty Dream Boat

Cruising Alaska We normally are not big fans of taking cruises. But sometimes it is the best way to see an area. We did our last trip in 2011 to Alaska through a combination of flights and boat day tours. This time we wanted to spend more time on the water and not in the [Read more …]

Premier Napa Valley Release Week Tastings: 2020

Premier Napa Valley (PNV) is Napa valley’s primary showcase for futures auction of barrels of its most recent vintage wines. The event attracts wine professionals, and those from the wine trade and media from around the world. It also attracts us. It gives us a chance to taste and report on vintages that we will [Read more …]

The Art of Burning Man

Burning Man

Burning Man is an annual event, or should we say happening, that takes place in Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada. Burning Man is a gathering of a community in a temporary city, not to be confused as a festival. Each attendee is a participant in the event and is encourage to provide something to [Read more …]

San Francisco PinotFest 2019

2019-11-15 12.35.40

Farallon Restaurant has a long tradition of hosting an annual pinot noir tasting that draws pinot producers from around the U.S. and, less regularly, from other countries. It continued this tradition with its November 2019 PinotFest tasting. We attended the trade tasting on the day before the consumer tasting. We tasted more than 100 wines [Read more …]

Why to Avoid Iceland Air

Icelandair business class seat recline

Although we travel about 6 months a year, we rarely post reviews of individual airlines. We have been on some good ones and some not so good ones. Probably the best has been Emirates. Their coach is more like business class in the US. And the flight attendants are very good.  Many people [Read more …]

Anderson Valley Barrel Tasting 2019


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are passionate about wine. On any trip,we always scout out local wine regions to educate ourselves and our readers about wines, wine events and wine regions. Living in San Francisco, some of the best wine regions and events are close to home. Just two hours north [Read more …]

Rethinking the Legacy of Andy Warhol

Brillo Boxes

What do you think of when you hear Andy Warhol? His Campbell’s Soup cans and Three Elvises? His prognostication of 15 minutes of fame, as the “creator” of the Pop Art movement? His early embrace of an openly gay lifestyle? Warhol certainly deserves recognition for all of these. A retrospective of Andy Warhol  “A to [Read more …]

The Jungle: Bringing Calais France to San Francisco

The Jungle

The Jungle Sometimes we forget history and it takes a good play to remind us.The Jungle is one such play. It reminds us of the horror that African and Middle Eastern refugees faced when they fled their countries in hopes of gaining amnesty in England. Twp. men who volunteered and created a theater at a [Read more …]