The Natural Splendor of Cape Bretton Island


As mentioned in our previous post, Cape Breton is the island at the northern tip of Nova Scotia. The island, and especially the portion of the Cabot Trail that encircles the highlands near the northern tip of the island (primarily the section of the trail that is in Cape Breton National Park) was our primary [Read more …]

Nova Scotia: At Last, At Last

We have wanted to get to this scenic Nova Scotia peninsula for decades. But despite having lived more than 20 years in Boston, it wasn’t until we moved to San Francisco that we finally got around to taking this trip. This introductory trip effectively took us three-quarters of the way around the peninsula (excluding only [Read more …]

24 Hours from Aspen to Vail: A One-Day Hiking and Dining Odyssey

One can drive between Aspen and Vail Colorado in two hours. But why would you want to? If you have time, you should take a more leisurely route. In fact, you have a choice of two such routes: The “express route”, northwest along Route 82 to the spa city of Glenwood Springs, and then east [Read more …]

Planning an Exploration of Tuscany

Tuscan landscape-GREAT

Maybe it’s the wine, maybe the food, the atmosphere, the people, the scenery, the medieval towns and villas, or maybe it’s a combination of all of them. But whatever it is, we love Tuscany. Any trip to Tuscan must include at least some of its larger cities. Florence is truly one of the [Read more …]

Active Itinerary: The South Dakota Nature and History Trail in Six Days

This blog provides a sample itinerary based on the experiences of our Summer 1212 trip, those of the things we missed that we wished we were able to do, and, knowing what we know now, what we would have done differently. Details on each venue can be seen in our prior blogs, which [Read more …]

A Morning in Oak Park with Frank Lloyd Wright

Oak-Home Tour (2)

We have loved Frank Lloyd’s architecture from the first time we were exposed to it when living in Chicago in the 1970’s. We saw a couple of his works in the city (including the wonderful Robie House, which I often passed going to classes at the University of Chicago), and then took the pilgrimage to [Read more …]

New York Neighborhood Art Strolls

We love walking Manhattan’s neighborhoods. Each has its own unique character and unique surprises. While some trips target specific neighborhoods as destinations, our recent trip to New York City included a number of short, relatively unplanned visits to neighborhoods at which we had a specific destination. These included: Ukrainian town Although New York does not [Read more …]

Carnival’s Grand Parade


After four days of using Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival block parties to warm up for the big celebrations, it was time for two of the main events: One of the two nights of Sambadromo parades from which the annual winner would be chosen; and The audacious, traditional finale to the Carnival season, the Gay Costume [Read more …]

The Many Faces of Buenos Aries’ Palermo Section


Palermo is a large area consisting of multiple sub-neighborhoods. There is the old residential section, Palermo Vieja, to the east, the hip Palermo Soho (named for its edgy resemblance to the New York neighborhood) to the west, and, a bit further north, the emerging Palermo Hollywood area (for its television and film industries). And this [Read more …]

Buenos Aries’ San Telmo and La Boca Neighborhoods


These neighborhoods, south of the central part of the city, are among the oldest of Buenos Aires residential neighborhoods. San Telmo This bohemian community, which had been quite run-down, has become a venue for artist studios, antique shops, restaurants and–as the neighborhood in which tango was invented–tango and jazz clubs. Although much of the neighborhood [Read more …]