Lunenburg Nova Scotia and Makone Bay


The coastline of Makone Bay is is pretty as St. Margaret’s Bay (see previous post), its next-door neighbor. While the coast has a number of scenic coves, it also has two of the pretties towns on the province’s central coast.   Mahone Bay The town of Mahone Bay is a pretty coastal town with many [Read more …]

Syracuse in Summer 2015: an Event-Filled Weekend


We recently made a short, but event-packed trip to Syracuse New York, mostly to see family, but also to get caught up on what was happening there. Events Hill Cumorah Pageant. We timed our visit specifically to go to this annual happening, a pageant that has been held [Read more …]

Asheville, NC: All we Remember, and More

Asheville-Tall bldg

  Art, music, great food, a young, fun-living culture: what’s not to love? Our first, and until now, only visit to Asheville was almost accidental, as a stop at the end of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We certainly "covered the necessities", such as walking the city, exploring the galleries and touring [Read more …]

The 2015 Kinetic Sculpture Race


As discussed in our June 4, 2015 post, The Humboldt County Kinetic Grand Championship is a local institution. It is also loads of fun, with fun (not to speak of ingenious mechanical) devices, parties and its own since of pageantry. It, however, also entails some real competition. The concept of a Kinetic Sculpture Race was [Read more …]

2015 Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championship

Arcata-sculpture-basic (4)

The Humboldt County Kinetic Grand Championship race is a local institution. The concept of a Kinetic Sculpture Race was originated and first held in Ferndale in 1969. The race, referred to as the “triathlon of the arts” is a three-day competition of human-powered art over a 42-mile course along roads, through water and over sand [Read more …]