Travel Style

We are committed travelers. We have, so far, lived in 4 major U.S. cities (currently San Francisco), travelled to 47 states and more than 60 countries on five continents for both work and pleasure. We frequently return to destinations we enjoy and plan to travel to many of those locations we have not yet visited.

We choose locations (both for living and visiting) based on their beauty and the range of things to see and do. All our trips and local excursions are based on extensive research and planning. We read everything, follow multiple blogs and web sites and speak continually with people who enjoy travel, food, wine, art and other experiences. We then design detailed itineraries that allow us to see and do as much as possible.

Our visits—especially our first visits to a new location—are typically intended for learning and experiencing locations and to identify things to do and places in which to spend more time on subsequent trips. So, while our initial visits typically pack as much as possible in the time we have, subsequent trips tend to be somewhat more leisurely, focusing on the places we most enjoy, and catching up on new activities and restaurants.

Our travel style varies greatly:

  • The vast majority of our travel is independent, although we frequently take walking tours and use private guides and drivers for locations in which independent travel is exceptionally difficult or dangerous.
  • Domestic travel is typically coach, while internationals is typically business class
  • Accommodations range from utilitarian (we typically use rooms only for sleep) to luxury hotels and villas;
  • Restaurants range from Michelin 3-star to pop-up restaurants with all types of cuisine—with the only mandates being good, ideally local, innovatively prepared food and/or unique atmosphere.