Site Organization

We will post regularly as we plan or complete trips or discover things or have experiences that we believe will be of interest to others. While the blog focuses primarily on what we are doing now, we are also including summaries of some of the most interesting places we have gone, events we have attended and experiences we had over the last 40 years. Please let us know if you would like more information—including, in some cases, detailed, day-by-day and hour-by-hour itineraries—if you would like more information.

Blog entries can be accessed via categories such as:

  • Travel, by continent, region, city and type of trip;
  • Food and Restaurants, as by location and type of food;
  • Events, as by type of event and location;
  • Wine, as by wine regions and events;
  • Lifelong learning and education, as by type of event and content;
  • Art and Theater, as in art fairs, special exhibits, interesting small museums and good plays;

Experiences, such as unique events (planned and unplanned) and those very special days and trips (consisting of combinations of many different things) that we will always remember.