Monterey Peninsula

Outdoor sculptures admidst beautiful landscaping at Hawthorn Gallery

The Monterey Peninsula is under a 2-hour car trip south from San Francisco. The area has a wide range of things to do in addition to just taking in the beautiful views. You can: Kayaking in the Bay; Horseback riding through Pebble Beach; Visited the incredible Monterey Aquarium; Walk or bike Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, [Read more …]

Monterey California

Green Gables PAcific Grove

Monterey is a 2+ hour drive from San Francisco. We periodically travel to Monterey and nearby Pacific Grove to take in the beautiful scenery, and of course, to visit some wineries in Carmel Valley. Oh yes, and to eat at nice restaurants (not that San Francisco’s restaurants aren’t great!) Our summer 2019 trip was no [Read more …]

Revisiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium


One of our favorite aquariums is the Monterey Aquarium in Monterey California. What a fascinating way to spend a day, staring at cute, playful sea otters, being mesmerized by iridescent jellyfish, and trying to identify many of the pelagic giants in the museum’s huge, room-sized tank. The entire aquarium is arranged generally by aquatic environment, [Read more …]

Monterey Peninsula Restaurants and Lodging: Circa 2013

PB Lodge -green, people

This year’s Monterey trip, as discussed in our previous blog, Monterey Peninsula Activities: Circa 2013, encompassed almost all our favorite activities: scenic drives, hikes and leisurely walks, wine tastings, kayaking and horseback rides. The only things we missed were our standard half-day trip to the aquarium, a round of golf (which we do not play) [Read more …]

Monterey Peninsula Activities: Circa 2013

Pt Lobos cove

The Monterey Peninsula, and south through Big Sur, is one of our favorite three/four-day trips. It has some of everything: incredible scenery, hiking, wineries, beautiful homes, the iconic 17 Mile Drive, very good restaurants, luxurious accommodations, kayaking, horseback riding, and as much world-class golf as anyone could wish. And don’t forget what may well be [Read more …]

Monterey Bay--Four Ways


We just took completed a four-way discovery trip, or actually rediscovery, of Monterey Bay. It consisted of a: Full afternoon, behind the scenes, at the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium, Morning guided kayak trip through a Monterey Bay kelp forest; Horseback ride though a eucalyptus grove and sand dunes, next to a golf course and beautiful [Read more …]

Monterey Peninsula Food and Wine

Monterey Peninsula The Monterey Peninsula is located on the central California coast. Monterey, Seaside, Carmel, Marina, and Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach are all on this peninsula. It is a beautiful area with great restaurants and wineries, in addition to hiking and beautiful scenery. We have visited many restaurants here over the last decade. Although [Read more …]

Exploring Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz boardwalk merry go round

Santa Cruz Santa Cruz is a town located at the northern edge of Monterey Bay, about an hour south of San Jose. It is known primarily for its beach, its surfing, and its university. It has plenty of places to stroll, relax and people watch. The Beach Boardwalk is home to an amusement area with [Read more …]

Levi Strauss as America’s Fashion Arbiter


You probably have owned a pair of levi jeans at some point in your life. You may even have them on or in your closet right now. But do you know the history behind the jeans? And do you know how the Levi Strauss company has a pattern of identifying, shaping and positioning its humble [Read more …]

Additional Wisconsin Stops

2019-05-30 09.55.29

We drove through several additional Wisconsin towns, and of course, stopped to taste Wisconsin cheese Port Washington Wisconsin A pretty city with a number of 19th-century buildings, with its main street overseen by St. Mary’s church, sitting on a hill at the head of the street. It also has a pretty Lake Michigan [Read more …]