Seattle Washington Hotels

This post is a compilation of the hotels we have stayed at in Seattle Washington over the years.

W Seattle

2021: We used our points to stay at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle for our 5-night stay (when you use points, you get the 5th night free). The hotel is very conveniently located 1 block from the train to the airport and only several blocks from Pikes Market. We were upgraded to a corner king bedroom which gave us more room to move around, more daylight, and a better view. As we like a firmer bed, we removed the extra layer of a mattress pad to make the bed more comfortable for us. If you like the heavier padding, you are in luck. But the room was not perfect. For some reason, all of the rooms have an espresso machines which only give out tiny cups of hot water or espresso coffee. Fortunately, after we asked, the hotel brought a hot water pot to our room for tea. The chair at the desk was way too low and very unusable for working. You could hear the elevator motor in the room at night but after the first night, we got used to it so it didn’t bother us. The room had a bathtub/shower combination but we can’t fault them for that. As this was also during covid, we were fined without having our room serviced unless we requested it. And, like many places right now, some of the front desk staff was newish and couldn’t answer simple questions. In spite of the negatives, we did enjoy our stay.


Cedarwood Lodge

2011: We decided to stay by SeaTac as our flight out was early the next morning. We stayed at Cedarwood Lodge, which is located in a quiet residential area about ten minutes from the airport. It was built as Washington Mutual’s Executive Development Center. When WaMu collapsed, they sold it. The new owners converted it into a conference center and special event venue. It has a lovely, contemporary design, landscaped grounds surrounded by a forest, and comfortable rooms. And the price was right at under $150 a night before taxes.

It also has a restaurant (Copperleaf ) that they claim was rated as 2010’s best new Seattle area restaurant. But whatever the rating, it was worth a try. The location, below the lodge’s lobby, is lovely and comfortable. We sat outside the restaurant, next to the fireplace. The Pacific Butterfish, with snap peas, cucumber and radish, and a Meyer Lemon sauce was pleasant, although somewhat salty for our taste. The Kodiak Island halibut with white asparagus, morel mushrooms and english peas, was lovely and well prepared. Both went well with a very reasonably priced Washington State Substance Pinot Gris. And after dinner, we walked a few steps to the bar, where we “unwound” with some scotch and a few pleasant games of pool.

The Maxwell

2011: During this trip we also stayed in the city at The Maxwell. This modern and efficient hotel is just north of Seattle Center in the lower-Queen Anne neighborhood Its staff was very helpful and friendly. Although it is about a 20-30 minute walk to the city’s retail hub, it is very convenient to the Seattle Center cultural facilities. Moreover, it is also a bargain at under $150 a night before taxes.

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