Happy New Year

In 2017, we were fortunate enough to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney Australia. Here is a fond memory. 

Every once in a while, we try to experience New Year’s Eve in a major celebration location. In 2014, we went to Hong Kong for the holiday. It was a little disappointing, truth be told. So we had to try again. Since we were going to be in Australia, we decided to spend NYE (New Year’s Eve) in Sydney. Disappointing was not in our vocabulary when it came to this celebration. Awesome is the word to use.

Most of the public places for viewing Sydney’s famous fireworks were alcohol-free (Sydney apparently has a problem with people drinking publically). Plus we don’t like crowds (a million people line the viewing spots) or the stress of staking out a place to watch the fireworks. The solution?  We booked passage on the Sea Cat 2 from Bass and Flinders for the midnight fireworks displays. But before we got on our boat in Darling Harbor, we were able to see the 9:00 PM display from Darling Harbor. Nice.  But paled in comparison of what was to come.


Once on the boat, we toured around the harbor while waiting for midnight and got to see the fabulous parade of lighted boats.

Lighted boats in Sydney harbor

As midnight approached, we were in an excellent position to see the fabulous fireworks. Did we say fabulous? Think wow, wow, wow! 7 tons of fireworks going off in multiple locations, all coordinated to work together and all visible from our boat in the harbor. Neither words nor pictures can quite capture the beautiful in-person display. We’ve seen some nice fireworks before but nothing compared to this. Enjoy the view.


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