Holland Michigan

Holland Michigan is pretty little town. It has a  number of mid-to-late, 19th-century Victorian buildings in the city’s downtown and Washington Boulevard neighborhoods and Dutch-influenced buildings on the Hope College campus.

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Centennial Park, meanwhile, is currently building a tribute to part-time inhabitant Frank Baum, who wrote the Wizard of Oz. The current, a large, plant-based sculpture of a book, “The World of Oz” is already a showstopper. Next comes sculptures of Dorothy and her friends, skipping down a replica of the yellow brick road.

Wizard of Oz

This is but one example of the city’s numerous pieces of public art. While we liked several of them, our favorites (other than the Oz book), are the Padnos scultures, a set of about a dozen fun works made from scrap metal from a nearby metal scrap yard .

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The De Klomp Wooden Shoe and Delftware Factory provides a glimpse into the crafting traditional Dutch wooden shoes and its famous blue-and-white porcelain.


Holland’s most notable landmark, however, is its circa 1780, still operational De Zwaan windmill which was brought from The Netherlands in the 19th century. While the mill can be seen from a viewing stand in the Windmill Island parking lot, visiting in person (and buying the flour it produces), requires entry into one of the city’s theme parks—of a miniature Dutch village with canals, drawbridge, inn, tulip gardens (when in season) and of course, the windmill.


While the city may have some interesting sites, distances between many of its interesting sites makes walking difficult. Unfortunately, its traffic, large volume of trucks and number of closed streets made driving painful.

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