San Jose del Cabo Mexico

San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabos is the atmospheric, albeit rather sleepy sister town to Cabo San Lucas’ party-central. Built around a large, open square with its historic church, the small downtown area is packed with galleries, restaurants and a handful of bars, including the ever popular tourist spots such as Baja Brewery and Shooters Sports Bar. A good place to catch at least parts of the day’s NFL Playoff games.

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After exploring the town in a walk of less than an hour, we spent most of our time eating and in bars. Not much else to do outside of water sports.

Our first night in San Jose also happened to be the night of a lunar eclipse. Not just any lunar eclipse, but a Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse in which the moon appears to be red. This rare phenomenon occurs when a number of unusual conditions occur together: when the moon is full, its orbit puts it at its closest point to the earth (in which it appears larger and brighter than other times), the atmospheric conditions allow only the Sun’s red wavelengths to hit the moon. Our pictures were not as good as others online.

San Jose Restaurants

Acre, a wonderful restaurant located in a desert well outside San Jose. Despite the remote, arid setting, it is situated in a large, beautiful tropical garden. We had two entrees. The star was a delicious, Moroccan-spiced Cornish game hen with roasted vegetables, flatbread and tzatziki. A blackened, soy-glazed tuna tataki with mango relish and marinated vegetables was less interesting. After a day of margaritas and beer on our snorkeling with the whale sharks we limited ourselves to two glasses of wine: A 2016 Scarpetta pinot grigio and our first Mexican wine of the trip, a nice 2015 El Pionera Temprnillo from Guadalupe.

Mi Cocina. We both had the same meal, which is very unusual. The jumbo tequila shrimp with mushroom risotto was decent, but not as distinctively tasted as we would have preferred. Although the wine list appeared to offer a number of options, including some Mexican wines we would have been interested in trying, the restaurant’s stock relegated us to a very light, very undistinguished French pinot noir: a 2016 Sequin-Manuel Bourgogne pinot noir.

Jazmin’s is a  Mexican restaurant where we had pleasant lunch of Camarones fajitas and seabass with garlic butter to accompany our welcome marguerites.

San Jose del Cabo Hotel

Casa Natalia. This is a very comfortable and reasonably priced boutique hotel in town. It has a small beautiful water area around which you can catch a snooze in a hammock or a drink. The staff was very helpful.

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