Western New York State

Hudson New York

Hudson New York has a roughly mile-long main street, Warren Street, that is virtually lined with art galleries, studios, antique and other interesting stores. It was time to get out of the car and stroll down the street. The vast majority of the most interesting stores are only open on select days (especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Still, a few were open and we could peer into the windows of many of the others.


Our most fun and interesting stop was at the Myron Polenberg Studio (249 Warren Street), a home gallery/studio that he shares with his wife’s real estate business. When we walked in the open door, nobody was in sight. We explored the art on the first floor and walked up to the second, where Myron, who was reading a book, greeted us and took us for a tour of his “gallery” and then, through his third-floor studio. Myron is a retired New York Advertising Manager who created the “Swiss Army” brand and campaign. He now devotes himself to his abstract and eclectic art, and often makes a political statement.


Lunch took us to Le Perche, one of the most popular spots in town. We both had sandwiches (fried egg with Applewood bacon and fried pollack sandwich) which were fine, if not especially memorable.

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