Other Maine towns

Maine is filled with beautiful small towns….especially those by the coast. Here are just a few of them.

Rockport Maine

Rockport Maine is a small, harbor-front town with a lovely harbor. Its roughly 10-building “downtown” consists of a handful of well-regarded restaurants, a spa, a hair stylist, a photography gallery and little else. Pretty to see.

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Belfast Maine

Belfast Maine is an 18th-century shipbuilding and merchant town with dozens of lovely restored Federal and Victorian homes, a scenic, riverfront downtown area packed with boutiques and galleries.

Belfast Maine townBelfast Maine

Searsport Maine

Now a tiny town, with no discernable downtown, Searsport Maine was another major, 18th-century shipbuilding center that was once home to ten percent of the 2,800 U.S. Merchant Marine ship captains. It, therefore, has a large stock of grand, recently renovated Federal and Victorian homes, many of which are now B&Bs. These homes, which were stocked with treasures from around the world also served as the foundations for some of the town’s antique stores.


Northeast Harbor

Northeast Harbor, a 530-person town that is home to a small, but pretty leisure-craft sailing harbor, the Asticou Inn, Asticou Azalea Gardens and our personal favorite, the Japanese-style Thuya Gardens.


Southwest Harbor

Southwest Harbor is a small town with a one-block “Main Street”. The more interesting area, however, is along the harbor, which houses the largest commercial fishing fleet on the island. It is also home to the large Beal Lobster Pier (where we had one of our lunches) and the elegant, historic, Claremont Hotel, with its formal croquet courts and its lovely Dockside Lounge (which was unfortunately closed for the season) where we have had many an afternoon cocktail overlooking the lovely Somes Sound.

Southwest-Harbor-01_thumbClaremont Hotel


Somesville is a tiny, incredibly picturesque village that consists of little more than an art gallery, a one-room history museum, and beautiful views of Some Sound and its highlight, a beautiful, arched walking bridge that is rightly, one of the most photographed in the state.


For a more comprehensive listing of the island’s sites and activities, see our Top Ten list of things to do on Mount Desert Island.

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