Boothbay Harbor Maine

Boothbay Harbor Maine is a quaint town that lies at the tip of the picturesque Boothbay peninsula. Founded as a fishing town, it began attracting yachtsmen, artists and other tourists who—along with the lobstermen who feed them—now account for the bulk of the region’s economy.

Pemaquid Point

Pemaquid Point on the Boothbay peninsula in Bristol Maine, is a lovely, but rugged edge of a peninsula that consists of exposed, distinct layers of metamorphic rock that have been tilted on their sides, infused with molten lava and eroded into impressive dikes. To add to the atmosphere is an historic lighthouse museum that marks the dangerous coast, an art gallery, diner, inn and chances of walking the rocks to see the power of the sea and explore its tidal pools. As a bonus, New Harbor, with its lobstering wharf scenic lobster pound almost around the corner.

Pemaquid Point 01Pemaquid Point 09Pemaquid Point 11Pemaquid Point 12

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