Wiscasset Maine

To us, Wiscasset Maine is one of the prettiest towns on the Maine coast.


Even more important to us, it is the home to the Maine institution: Red’s Eats, with each of its giant lobster rolls probably containing at least a pound of lobster meat. Lobster rolls, which are served naked (undressed) can be ordered with either mayo or melted butter.


We will rarely stand in line for food. But we will here. We arrived at Red’s opening hour to find about 25 people in front of us in line. That means we only had a 45 minute wait.The last time we were here, we waiting 1.5 hours so this is progress.  You would think the line would move faster but each order is individually put together. The person who takes the order and the money (cash only please), spends time with each person and announced birthdays or if you came from a distance.

Meanwhile, someone else walked the line handling out umbrellas to protect you from the sun and a sample of fried shrimp. While it is a long wait, it is totally worth it.

We, as usual, each had ours with butter and a small side of onion rings that were almost as good as the lobster roll. As it was Tom’s birthday, we had to post a picture of him stuffing his mouth with lobster roll.

Tom enjoying lobster rooll at Reds for his birthday

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