Freeport Maine (2018 update)

LL Bean

To us, Freeport Maine = LL Bean and dozens of outlet stores. No matter how many times we are in the general area, we always take time to stop at least at “Bean” for clothes and outdoor accessories. While we now mostly buy from the catalog, we still had to stop at the mother ship even thought our retirement clothing and outdoor needs are much less than when we lived in cold Boston.

This time we only spent a short time in the store, but we still admired the vast range of outdoor items. And if you ever need cross bows, this it the place to go.


Freeport Outlet Stores

For those who have never been to Freeport Maine, it is an outlet shopper’s paradise. Dozens of other companies, looking to capitalize on the 24-hour a day traffic generated by Bean, built outlet stores in the town. While this has turned Freeport into something of a zoo, you can now literally, shop until you drop.


You can find pretty much any type of clothing and accessories you may want in “Freeport USA”. There is also plenty of family-friendly entertainment and, of course, all types of (typically family) restaurants. We managed to pick up a few little odds and ends at the many stores before making our way further north.

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