Copenhagen Hotel

Absalon Copenhagen Hotel

Our Copenhagen hotel was a 5 minute walk by the train station and Tivoli—which made it very convenient for getting around Copenhagen and for taking day trips outside of the city. It seems to be in an area that might be called a red light district, but it did not feel seedy or unsafe and we didn’t see any inappropriate behavior. In fact, it was a very pleasant hotel.

When we arrived, we ran into a long checkin line. Apparently a third-party booking agent declared bankrupcy that day and all of the people who had booked through the agency found out that they no longer had a reservation. Although they had paid the agency, the agency never paid the hotel and the agency cancelled all of the bookings. As the staff tried to deal with the turmoil, the lines backed up. But finally we were in.

We had a superior room which was very roomy. Like most Scandanavian hotels, the air conditioner only could take the room temp down to 21 (70) even though it was set lower. We tend to like it a little cooler, but fortunately, it wasn’t too warm during the day. Staff may not always know the answer to a question but they are happy to look up the information for you. Breakfast area was a little congested as all of the food was set up around several tables. You were continually dodging others getting food. It was fairly standard….not great and not bad. Wi-Fi was spotty on our first night but seemed good the rest of the time. Very comfortable and good location. You had a tea kettle in the room, refrigerator and safe.

In general, we were pleased with the hotel, staff and location

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