Eating in Dearborn Michigan

We ate at three local restaurants while we were exploring Dearborn Michigan

  • The Michigan Café (at the Henry Ford Center) at which we had a lunch that consisted of grilled Lake Erie Trout and farm-fresh roasted turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. You might be concerned about eating at a café with this captive audience inside of the museum, but it was a decent meal from locally produced foods at a very reasonable price.
  • Andiamo’s, is a very popular upscale Italian restaurant where we started with fried calamari and peppers (with three interesting sauces), Caesar salad, veal marsala with mushrooms and pistachio-crusted scallops with polenta and vegetables. All dishes were reasonably good, if not memorable.
  • LaPita, a nice Mediterranean restaurant where lunch consisted of hummus (with both pita bread and pita chips), grape leaves and lam kebob with rice and almonds and quinoa and turmeri. Decent food, and enough left over to take on our plane for our trip home

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