Travel Hints

People know we travel a lot. We love seeing new places, and revisiting some of our favorite places too. We are often asked many questions:

  1. What is your favorite place? That is hard to answer. We love so many places and each one is special. Some we like to return to (New York, Paris, London, Great Barrier Reef) and some we are very glad to have seen but have no desire to return (like India) and some are just so special and amazing the first time that returning will be anti-climatic (like Galapolos). So the best answer is that our favorite place is where we are together (ahhhh, isn’t that romantic?)
  2. How do you get around places? No, not Google Maps. We LOVE Here maps on our smartphone. You can download it and use it offline. It is good driving and walking. When driving, it tells you the speed limit of where you are at (very important in France when the speed limit changes without notice) and tells you how fast you are going…even dinging when you speed. We used to use Google maps but it ate up our data plans and kept cutting out on us between cell towers when we needed it the most in Europe. We don’t get anything if you download it. But you will happy if you do. And don’t forget to download the country you are in so that you can use it offline.
  3. When traveling overseas, how can I stream Netflix (or Amazon etc.). Get a VPN and set it up to show that you are in the US. It is so easy to do. We use HMA Pro (aka Hide My Ass) for $10/month with no commitment. We turn it on when we are outside of the US and turn it off when we are at home. Very easy to use.
  4. How so you pack for so much travel? We only carryon airplanesĀ 1 bag each and coordinate our colors. For colder weather, we have lots of black. For warmer weather, beige. Toiletries are all in under 3 ounce bottles and we keep our toiletries filled for the next trip. We try to find places that will wash our clothes by the kilo instead of using expensive hotel laundries. We have found that travelling in different countries can be expensive when you run out of deodorant or body lotion so we make sure we have enough with us to last.

Let us know if you have any other specific questions

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