Revisiting the Southeastern U.S.

It had been a number of years since we were in the southeast (excluding Washington, D.C., which we visit every couple years. A return trip was long overdue. This trip covered parts of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia and, of course, D.C. It was bookmarked by two of our favorite cities:

Charleston, South Carolina, where we visited a number of historical sites and took two historic tours, as well as caught up on some of the city’s restaurants.

Washington, D.C., where we revisited a number of the city’s neighborhoods, extraordinary museums and historic sites, took a walking tour and of course, caught up on new restaurants.

Mall-LincolnWhite House front (2)Gtown-homes-g

It also included another of our favorites—Asheville, North Carolina, where we explored the city’s amazing art (public and for sale) and music scenes, hiked, and you guessed it—caught up with restaurants.

Asheville-public art Asheville-drum-party-gAsheville-street band-spoon

It also gave us a chance to spend a little quality hiking time in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park and to visit a number of places we have not been before. These included:

Blue Ridge2-ridges-gShenendoah-hike-Blackrock scree view-g

  • Columbia, South Carolina, for a quick driving tour of some of the city’s highlights;
  • Charlotte, North Carolina (where we stayed and visited friends), and then Winston-Salem and Greensboro (through which we took brief, self-guided, Sunday (when both cities are virtually shut down) tours; and

Charlotte-skyline dayWin-Sal-old (2)Greensboro-museum (2)

  • Appomattox (for the Civil War surrender site), Skyline Caverns (in Front Royal) and Quantico (for the Marine Corps Museum).

Appomatix-Court HouseCavern (18)Marine-bldg

The following posts provide an overview of some of our most interesting experiences.

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